Friday, April 27, 2012

Bright Starts Bloomin' Blocks Review

If you a regular  follower of Peanut Butter and Whine, then you know Baby Alice and I love Bright Starts products.  We are so thrilled to share our review of Bloomin' Blocks from the Pretty in Pink selection.  I love everything in the Pretty in Pink section! Did you know that a portion of the pink proceeds support breast cancer research??  SEE??  Alice and I have been telling you Bright Starts rocks!!

Each Bloomin' Block is 3.5 inches .  The binding is stitched on with great care. The workmanship is everything I have come to expect from Bright Starts.  PERFECT!!  The colors are great mix of soft muted colors mixed with bright fun colors. Some sides have a pattern and some sides are solid.  
These little blocks are a perfect first set of building blocks.  They stack nicely and they don't hurt when a certain someone (not naming names.... ALICE!!!) enthusiastically destroy NaNa's tower!! MAN this kid doesn't like blocks to be stacked!!  
The finishing touches like the wings on the bee and butterfly are satin and the wings themselves crinkle!!  There is a bell inside both of those blocks.  The little faces are adorable!! 
The felt flower is stitched on and the entire block has a great crinkle sound!! The last block has silk taggies stitched into the binding. 

Each block has a loop sewn into the binding so you could attach them to a ring if you wanted. 
The Bright Starts Bloomin' Blocks are machine washable. 

Bloomin' Blocks are available at Walmart along with so many other Bright Starts toys!  These would be a great baby shower gift!! Or a just because gift for your baby.    

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