Sunday, March 18, 2012

What I'm entering this week..........


It's Sunday........... that means it's time for 
"What I'm entering this week!"  
(and BIG side note!!)
I have to get serious about getting a car seat now... to go in my 
BRAND NEW 2012 Honda CRV
(It's sooo pretty!!)
How cute is that car!??!?!  It drives like a DREAM!!!!!!  
Gone is the little 2 seater.  BUT!! I can officially haul around Grandbabies!  (When I get car seats that is!!)

So first up........ How cool is this carseat??  It's a MaxiCosi Pria70.  I can't imagine Baby Alice would ever out grow this one!!  This giveaway is hosted by The Life of Rylie

Next up.... Water world!  I can't wait for summer and how much fun would this be to play with??  It's the Step2 Tropical Island Resort.  Ohhhh wouldn't this make me the BEST G'ma in the world?!?!  Yup yup it would!!  This giveaway is hosted by Shining 2 Save
I've actually found 2 water toys that I'm entering.  What can I say... I want to be the FAVORITE Grandma!  This one is called Big Splash Water Park also by Step2. (They make the BEST toys!!)  This giveaway is hosted by Thanks, Mail Carrier

You know if there is a jewelry giveaway I'm always IN!!  Of course I found a super cute one this week over at J Man and Miller Bug 

Fun Saving Money is hosting a giveaway for a Bear Heating pad!! It's called a Warm Buddy.  Now I don't care how old you are...... wouldn't holding this little guy make you feel all better?!?!?

Now.... what did you find this week to enter?
Be sure to find me a Stroller giveaway please....... and a car seat.... and a toy..... and some bling.... and........ and...... and...... yes... I'm a needy whiney girl... now go.. you have your assignment..... car seat... stroller... go!!

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