Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Carbona's Color & Dirt Grabber

Have you ever heard of Carbona's Color & Dirt Grabber sheets?  Put one in the washer with your clothes and you don't have to worry about your colors mixing....... no more dark grungy whites, because they were mixed with dark clothes.  No more pink shirts because a red sock was washed with a white shirt.
I'm here to tell you Carbona's Color & Dirt Grabber sheets WORK!!
My first thought after I loaded darks, brights, whites and a pair of jeans into one load in the washer was "HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?!?!?!?"  quickly followed by "I need wine!"

Come to find out I really didn't need to worry at all!!  Alice's little white onesie? Bright white.  Orange shirt perfect! Jeans?  Clean no color bleeding anywhere! This little color grab sheet by Carbona's?  AMAZING!!!!!  I only had to do ONE load of laundry instead of 3 different loads!!
That's an AMAZING time saver! Water saver! Energy saver!! Amazing!!!!!!!!

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