Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Socks!! I got Socks!! Review & GIVEAWAY!!!

Hold the PHONE!! I've found your ONE stop shop for socks!! Say hello to Socks4Life.com!!!  They have the largest selection of socks I've ever seen in one place!! Men's socks, kids socks, my socks, your socks.... red ones, blue ones, fun ones, slouch ones, knee ones, ankle ones.  Ohhhhhh sorry, hold please while I reset...... I was channeling Dr. Suess.

I chose 4 pair of great socks!!  First, these cute little green and white ankle socks that look like shoes called Chatties!!  Comfortable and they don't show if I'm wearing my tennis shoes! Love that!!

A pair of extra heavy slouch socks. These are so warm and comfy I may wear them all winter!! (okay okay... I live in California but our house has tile floors... my tootsy's get cold!!)
Of course, I left my favorites for last. Marled-yarn-boot-socks!!  They come in a package of 2. I love these socks!!!

I could wear these with a pair of cute little boots! Or just around the house. These socks are so well made, comfortable and affordable! These are also the perfect weight to wear in hiking boots or work boots.
 I'm so happy with my new socks! Socks4Life has super fast shipping and an amazing assortment for the whole family!!!!!

Now, when I said this is your one stop shop for socks I meant ONE STOP!! Socks4Life has launched a new area called All about socks!  but, don't let the name fool you! It's your Heel to Toe guide to Feet!! There is foot care, Diabetes care(with so many family members with Diabetes I know just how important foot care is!! This section is very helpful!!) But, I must admit my favorite section in All About Socks! is the costume area.  What??  You don't think socks can be a costume?!?  Have you forgotten Tom Cruise in Risky Business?!?  HELLO!!!! SOCKS!!!! 
The awesome folks at Socks4Life have offered one lucky reader of Peanut Butter and Whine a $25 gift card to grab your own socks!!  So let's get to it shall we!!  
This giveaway is offered in the USA only. a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own


  1. Yelete Polka Dot Knee Socks are my pick! :)
    (Lorna England)

  2. I like the white cotton slouch socks
    sandy1955 at comcast dot net

  3. i like the American Made Men's Athletic Crew Socks

    catherine0807 at hotmail dot com

  4. I like all the different colored slouch socks! Also the diabetic socks would fit my husband.


  5. I like the Silhouette Skull Knee Socks.


  6. Running Mate Women's Striped Socks

  7. I love the American Made Kid's Blue Heel and Toe Quarter Socks (for my son).


  8. I am hoping to win MENS RUNNING MATE STRIPED ANKLE ATHLETIC SOCKS FOR MY 16 1/2 yr old bmxer son Elijah He would love those and he goes thru socks like crazy so he needs them AND would like them


  9. I like the Steve Madden Floral Lace Anklet Socks.

  10. I really like the crew socks but also the color Diabetic socks look comfy!

  11. I'd pick these: http://www.socks4life.com/sockaholic-womens-solid-ribbed-otk-socks-2pk.html

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  12. Chatties Women's Microfiber Crew Socks

    myfreebi3s at yahoo dot com

  13. I like the Yelete Women's Mini Argyle Knee Socks.
    eugeniewu at gmail dot com

  14. I like the Thermalsport Men's Merino Wool Socks.
    hlee99 at gmail dot com

  15. I like the Running Mate Women's Mid Socks in black.

  16. I'd get some wearable crew socks and some striped socks just for fun.
    Tara Berke Torres

  17. I like the Women's Pastel Assorted Quarter Socks.

  18. Rafflecopter ID: beautytolove

    -Favorite socks: Yelete Cozy Animal Slipper Socks in Black

    Email: starseeds88 (at) yahoo dot com
    THANKS!! :)

  19. I like the Running Mate Men's Mid Socks in Black. Thank you.

  20. My favorite socks are the Yelete Mega Stripe Knee Socks


  21. Thank you sooooo much to both you AND Socks4Life as well! This is such a helpful prize, especially for my bmx'er son who goes through socks so quickly, he's really going to appreciate this and so do I! Thank you again!



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