Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bright Starts Taggie Review

Baby Alice and I are HUGE fans of Bright Starts!  Not only are their products affordably priced but they are wonderfully made!  When Alice and I were offered the chance to review the new super soft, super cuddly Taggie blanket we couldn't wait to get started!!
First thing we did was inspect the Taggie from all sides!

The taggie is softer than any baby blanket I've ever felt! (That's saying a lot when you have a baby!!)

The Taggie measures 12" x 12" (not including the taggies) So it's perfect for little hands! It's perfect to grab and throw in your bag or for Alice to hold in the carseat.

The taggie is exceptionally well stitched all the way around. I've washed the blanket twice already and it's still as soft as it was the day it arrived, with no loose seams anywhere! No loose taggies. The colors didn't fade.

The colors are perfect! Soft muted yellows, blues, purples, pinks and greens.

The tags themselves are sooooo cute!! Little dogs, ducks, circus animals, lions and solid colors. The tags are all silk and satin, so they are as soft as the Taggie itself!!  Alice will sit and feel the tags for longest time!  

Bright Starts workmanship is amazing! The toys, blankets and Taggies hold up so well!!! You can't go wrong with Bright Starts!  

Here is a picture of the new Taggie on the right and the Cuddle and Sooth blanket teether on the left with the Lots-of-Petals teether we named Daisy! All of these have been washed repeatedly! The blanket teether and Daisy have been washed at least once a week! Sometimes more! There isn't a seam that is loose or a crinkle that doesn't crinkle! Everthing on all 3 pieces is still perfect!!  I canNOT say that about several other toys we have!!

Ingenuity™ Perfect Place™ High Chair

Pretty In Pink™ Bounce-a-Bout™

Bright Starts doesn't only have toys, blankets and teethers! They have everything from highchairs to toys. Bouncers, like this cute little Pretty in Pink Bounce-a-bout.

They have AWESOME Play yards like this Ingenuity Sleepeasy Playard!
InGenuity™ SleepEasy™ Playard
So if you are buying a baby shower gift or d├ęcorting your own nursery you can't go wrong shopping with Bright Starts!!

Alice and I give a roaring YEA!!!! For Bright Starts Taggies!!!  

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  1. The Taggie is so cute and perfect for babies. I have never heard of this company, and thank you for sharing :)


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