Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bark is FAR worse than the bite!!

Thank you Miss Barbara!
I needed this laugh!!!!!  


  1. Thank you so much I needed this laugh. This is so funny!!!!

  2. That is to fricken funny! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Aww, I feel sorry for the poor doggy! :) That cat is fierce, lol!

  4. Aww LOL Thanks I think that cat is something else! haha!

  5. Thank you for sharing :) Everyone can use a little giggling at the end of the day!!!!

  6. poor puppy didn't know what to think that's one mean kitty

  7. OMGoodness!! that is hysterical. I have 3 little dogs, papillions, and one cat. My dogs do instigate the cat all the time. They bark and try to seem big and bad, but they are 1/2 the size of the cat. Now they will run away from the cat too, just like in this video but they don't whimper when they run. LMAO

    myfreebi3s at yahoo dot com


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