Monday, January 23, 2012

Blog Dare: My Most Vivid Dream

Ewwwww I have a horrible dream that was SO vivid!!!!!  Still gives me the willies!!  I had just given birth to my son Zachary and my daughter Selena was 3. I dreamt the house was on fire and had spread to the babies room.  There was fire surrounding both cribs the walkway was burnt and thin.  I could get to one baby only. I woke up screaming.  I HATE that DREAM!!!!!!! It haunted me for soooo long!!!!!  Thankfully all 3 of my kids are grown now and I don't have to walk through fire to save anyone!!
What is your most vivid dream??


  1. I hate fire dreams!!!

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  2. Ugghhh!! What a horrible dream :( Good thing it was only a dream!!

  3. you have an award on my blog


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