Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blog Dare: My Grandparent's house...

My Grandparent's house.... is in Denver.  Growing up I remember Grandpa in his overalls mowing the yard with a push mower.  I remember laundry hanging on the line.  I remember a big brick garage. I remember chasing my rabbit Harvey. I remember Mom and all my Aunts sitting on the stoop laughing. I remember paper dolls with Grandpa. Story time with Grandma, a little pool in the backyard that my cousin use to drink the grassy water with a toy cup. Pushing my cousin in a doll stroller.  I have so many happy, loving memories from My Grandparents House.  I hope my Grandbabies will have equally happy, loving memories. (May not today... Eli will not take a nap... and he keeps waking up Alice... so much for being that patient Grandma today!!!  TODAY Nonnie wants you to TAKE A NAP!!!  Nonnie needs a break!!!!!)
How about you? What do you remember about your Grandparent's House??


  1. I am enjoying this too. I had fun with this one.

  2. You have such great memories!! & that's great that you are giving your grandbabies those same great memories!

  3. Wonderful memories! This was a fun prompt!

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