Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Whimsy for Wendys

I'm going to learn to be a "Wendy"!!  I was so blessed to be able to review a new book called "Whimsy for Wendys." After reading this book I am filled with the sense of  "I can do this!"   "I want to do this!" "I'm doing this!"

"Whimsy For Wendys" is a book about getting YOU back! Finding joy and happiness in your life.  Look in the mirror are you who you wanted to be when you grew up?  Who you want to be NOW?  Are you joyful? Are you having fun in your life? Are you following your bliss?  Are you smiling? Are you happy??  Or are you just 'here'?

I've gone through this book twice already. (It's been A LONG time since a book has made me do that!!)
I highlighted line after line.  These 12 women have great stories to share. These wonderful women.... the '12 Whimsy coaches' have my brain filled with ideas on how to infuse JOY ....... laugh out loud....dance around the house......make my cheeks hurt JOY in my life.  
Life really is too short to not have joy in everything!!!   One of my favorite quotes in the book is "Your life is your greatest work of art."  Isn't that the truth!?

I want my greatest work of art to be HAPPY! Joyful and full of WHIMSY!!! I want to smile more.

You need this book.  You deserve this book!!!  While you check out this site I'm going to go PLAY!! 
Then I'm going to read this book again and highlight more lines.  Make more notes on the side.  I'm off to be a Wendy!   Each time I go through this book my heart feels lighter!


November 9, 2011will be the official launching of Whimsy for Wendys. You are all invited to the first ever Google+ Dance Marathon in celebration with the launching of this spectacular eBook. See you there!

Whimsy For Wendys from Happiness Advocates on Vimeo.

Whimsy for Wendys has graciously offered one of Peanut Butter and Whines readers their own copy of "Whimsy for Wendys"   Good luck!!

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