Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Sweet Sweet Grandbabies!!

Having my daughter Lael and her family move back home (from Michigan) has been such a wonderful gift!! First, because I need my kids close to me! Second, I need to be close to my Grandbabies Emma and Eli!!  I had missed SO much already!!  Third, the cousins need to be close!  Fourth, I get to do another of my very favorite hobbies take pictures of the cutest kids in the WORLD!!!  Don't bother to argue with me... I'm the Nonnie and I will win.

Emma and Baby Alice had a great nap time together.

 While these sweet sweet girls were bonding............ Eli the escape artist was NOT napping.


 Did you hear that???  I think my Nonnie is coming back!!  Quick..... pretend you are still in bed!!!

Do you notice the feet straight up in the air?!?!

Ohhhhhh the difference in boys and girls!!!


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  2. Little Alice has so many great, fun things to look forward to with her cousins. I want to nibble Eli's little daredevil belly!!


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