Sunday, October 02, 2011

Shall we say UNprepared?!?!

I've been a Gran'ma for 3 years now.  Up until June 1st 2011 I've been a outta state Gran'ma.... until this weekend.  I flew to Michigan picked up Emma 3 and Eli 18 months and flew back home the very next day. (I don't recommend all day flying 2 days in a row... EVER!!!)
Now before you get all excited about a flying horror story I have to tell you Emma and Eli were AMAZING!!!!   They spent literally all day on a plane! Neither one of the had even ONE melt down.  There was no crying! There was no hissy fits.  These 2 were PERFECT!!!  There wasn't even any kicking the seat in front of us!!!
You should have seen the look of horror that the flyer's ahead of us had as they boarded seeing they were sitting so close to two babies!  It was awesome that when the plane landed these people actually stopped and complimented Emma and Eli about how good they were.  They never heard a peep!!!  We are talking about 10 different passengers that stopped to say something!!!  That's impressive!!  Those are some great babies for Nonnie!!

That was yesterday........ today......... well, this Gran'ma Nonnie realizes she has NO TOYS!!  I have nothing for kids to do!!  I have baby things... I have rattles... I am not prepared for this week!!!
My daughter Lael and her husband are driving from Michigan to California to their new home.  I will have Emma and Eli till they get here........... ummmmmmmmmm drive FASTER!!!!  They are very bored!!!
Thank heavens Pop (Gran'pa) took over this morning so Nonnie could go back and sleep a little longer.... those 2 are still on Michigan time 3 hours ahead of Nonnie!!   Then this evening Uncle Zac stopped over and honed his coloring and tag skills!!  Emma and Eli were run ragged and filthy!
But the save of the day has to go to GG (My mom who lives with us) she has cat toys!!  We are a resourceful family!!

So a bath..... a dry diaper and do you hear that????  That's the sound of quiet SLEEPING BABIES!!!!!!!  Day 2... done!!

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