Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin' Patch

Sunday the family went to Bates Nut Farm to check out the Pumpkin' Patch. 
 Some of us refused to have our picture taken without our shades on! 
 Emma rocks the farmer look!! 
  Alice rocks the do-rag! 
 Eli looks guilty to me in this shot.... I wonder what he did before Nonnie got the shot??
 My sweet niece Jamie.  Baby Alice LOVES Jamie!!
 Alice is a CITY baby!!  What the HECK is THAT!??!  
 Eli told Uncle Zac a great joke.  Or maybe it was the other way around??
 Doesn't this picture just scream "SMILE??  I am sitting in a PUMPKIN PATCH!!!??"  

 Okay THAT is a guilty look!!!
 Try and get 5 people to all look one way?  NOT gonna happen in this family!! 
 So let's try for 4..... still NOT gonna happen!! 

Uncle Zac
Grammie Lynn and I would like to introduce our newest Grandbaby... we call him 'lil punkin'  
COME ON!  That is soooooo funny!!  And brilliant!!  That pumpkin was heavy!!

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