Friday, October 28, 2011

Googly Eye Picture Frames. SO cute!!

It's so exciting to have my daughter Lael living 5 miles away! So with Selena having Friday's off we've decided to make it our weekly Craft Day with Nonnie. It's so much fun!! Coffee, kids, gossip and pictures. Who could ask for more!?!?  Times being what they are I'm all about inexpensive crafts that will last for a long time.  So today I came prepared to make cheese cloth ghosts and googly eye picture frames.
 Michaels sells these plain frames for $1.00
Painted them black.  The frames come with a pin that stands the frames up either vertical or horizontal. 
 Glue on googly eyes everywhere ....... 
Insert Granddaughter Emma....
Aren't those soooo cute?!?!
This craft worked perfectly!!
 Glue dries clear and the more random the eyes are the better... PERFECT!! 
We are waiting for Halloween Pictures before they are considered 'done'.
Emma is 3 and Eli is 18 months.
This was a great project for them.  
Alice is 4 months and opted for a nap instead.
Now... the ghosts?  Yea.... I don't recommend the ghosts for under 4?  Or 10!!!  
These are MESSY!  Sooooooooo messy.  Soooooo sticky.  And hard to arrange and re-arrange.
  I emptied a container of craft glue and filled the empty container with water.  Stir until the water and glue are mixed well. 
I cut pieces of cheese cloth into about 12". 
 Blow up balloon's.  How big the balloon's are the bigger your ghosts. 
 Now mix all the glue goop into the cheese cloth. 
 Now the goal is keep the cloth pulled apart long enough to get it over the balloons.  Good luck! 
Then arrange the bottom to help the ghost stand up when it's dry. 
 Drape the cheese cloth over the balloons (We wanted our ghosts to have arms? I guess that's what you would call them. So we added twigs.) Then let them sit and dry.  When the are dry pull the balloon out.
We used 2 pieces of cheese cloth per ghost to make them more opaque.
If the cheese cloth isn't dry the balloon won't easily come out... so you have to be patient. 
Add googly eyes.  Now... the reasons I say 3 and under is too young?  It's REALLY sticky!  REALLY STICKY!!  It takes a  lot of patience to drape the cheese cloth and un-wrinkle it. Also wait till the balloon is  out of the ghost before you glue on the googly eyes.... or that balloon will be there for-ever!  (Don't ask how I know this... )
But, us adults had a BLAST!!!!!!  (Okay maybe not exactly a blast... maybe more like FUN!! It's REALLY sticky!)
Once my ghost dries and I have pictures in the frames I'll post another picture. 

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