Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ErgoBaby Carrier

How awesome is this carrier?!?!?!?! This is the ERGObaby Spring Green Performance Carrier.  Even Alice thinks it's great... notice how she is EATING the shoulder strap?!?!  I walk in the mornings with my girl friend.  We've been doing it for almost 12 years now.  Up until the ErgoBaby Carrier arrived I had been walking with Alice in the Moby. (Which I still love!!) BUT Baby Alice is 18 pounds now and the Moby kills my back by the end of the walk, there just is not enough support.  I didNOT have that problem with the ErgoBaby Carrier.  Number one this carrier is sturdy without being bulky or heavy.  

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color!!!
See that first zipper?  Inside there is a built in hood that serves as a sunshade and as a great support as baby sleeps as well!!! You pull it out and over baby and snap it to your shoulder strap and baby isn't in the weather or sunshine! HOW cool is that?!?!
ErgoBaby Carrier has a mesh vent so Baby Alice doesn't get too hot. There is an AWESOME pocket ZIPPERED pocket (right behind the ErgoBaby Tag). This pocket holds a diaper, my cell phone and keys (AND more if you need it).
 The waist band is wide which provides AMAZING support!!  
 Look at these shoulder straps!!!  They are wide and so well padded. Alice was so comfortable in the ErgoBaby Carrier she fell asleep within minutes of starting our walk. EVERY DAY since I started using the ErgoBaby carrier!!!!  This is an awesome carrier! Baby Alice won't outgrow this carrier! It can be worn on the back and on the hip!!  In ifant to toddler! This is the PERFECT baby carrier!!!
I want to send a HUGE Thank you to Team ErgoBaby!!  Alice and I love our ErgoBaby Carrier!!
This was an amazing win from Sweet Posh Baby.  THANK YOU!!!!

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