Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BoKoo cover review

It's like Christmas around here!!  Giveaway goodies from the "Sweet Posh Baby Virtual Baby Shower" are starting to come in a few a week!! YEA!!!!!!!!   I'm giddy!! Alice is excited too!!!
The Bokoo carseat cover is sooo cute!!!   Of course it's cute we designed it!!  I love that Bokoo lets YOU decide what colors you want in a car seat cover!  We chose chocolate on the outside and bubblegum for the inside.  The colors match Baby Alice's room. HOW cool is THAT?!?!
Look at that smile!!!!!!!  I couldn't decide which smile to use so you get both.  THAT is a happy baby!! Back to the Bokoo cover.  The cover is easy to attach to the carseat. I didn't have any problem putting it on and at the same time it's well fitted so it doesn't come undone in any area!!  There is stitching around all the cutouts for the safety straps.  There is a velcro cover that covers the tightening button.  The craftsmanship is awesome on the Bokoo cover. I can't get over how well made this cover is!
Look at that BABY!!!!!!  Sorry, I get side tracked A LOT around Baby Alice!
 My very favorite feature? You can choose to have your cover embroidered!  You choose the font and the color of the stitching.  How cute is this cover!??!?!  Bokoo did a fantastic job!!!  I know this cover will last for years!!!  Now if Lil' Peanut will just slow down on the whole growing thing!!!
Bokoo covers is available for several styles of carseats ranging from infants, toddlers to big kids. 

Thank you Bokoo and Sweet Posh Baby.  Baby Alice and I loveeeeeeeeeee our new carrier cover!!


  1. Aww...this is really cute. I'd never heard of Bokoo. Thanks for the link! Returning your visit, new GFC follower. Thanks for stopping by!


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