Saturday, September 03, 2011

Who's who... or I blog about my affair

After a text from my little sister asking if I'm having an affair (a few other people didn't understand my shorthand either) So I thought today would be a great day to share the cast of inmates in my own private Insane Asylum.  So here are the cast of characters in Peanut Butter and Whine!!

Let's start with DH  Dear Husband, RH  Rotten Husband is my dear HUSBAND Randy.  (occasionally AH, and so on......)

Selena is our oldest child.  Selena and the GOLDEN one Dan gave us the perfect Miss Alice AKA BabyT.
BabyT's name came about when early in the pregnancy Selena referred to the baby as a "Terrorist in her belly".  

Lael is the middle child.  Lael, Ray and my 2 SWEET babies live in Michigan.  Emma (MmmNMmmmm) Eli (Hannababy Lector named because he likes to eat markers..... and of course red tastes best!!)  

Zachary is the baby of the family.  He is, as I type, trying to convince Krystle it's time for an addition to the Asylum.  Zachary is a WONDERFUL uncle!!  Zachary is the only one in the family that did the unSPEAKABLE ...... he kidnapped Mority

GG is my Mom, she lives with us. GG's name came about before I even was even out of GRADE SCHOOL!!! When I still believed that boys had cooties!! (Which Emma and Alice... they DO!! Gross ones!!) My Mom and Aunt Joanne decided that they would be Glamours Grandmothers.... and the GG has stuck for them both.

Then there's me my name is Connie, Mom, Nonnie, Sweetheart, Parental Unit and Hag. (And my children Should leave the rest OUT!!)  I am the Princess of the Asylum. I run the place.  I babysit BabyT....... as long as I can keep convincing Dan that I really am harmless........ and perfectly sane! HONEST!!  Alice will be FINE, well adjusted and happy!! HONEST!!  Trust me! I'm a grandma!!

I just want to make a note.... to my dear sister Lea... WOULD I BLOG about an AFFAIR?!?!? Have you lost your mind?!?!  Texas has burnt your brain!!  Time to move home! 

OHHHHHH WAIT..... there is also MORITY!!!!!!!!!  LOL damn I'm a funny girl!!

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