Saturday, September 24, 2011

Begging for more idea's!

Thursday I will flying to Michigan to pick up my sweet grandbabies Emma 3 and Eli 18 months and fly right back home to California.  (Help ME!)  HELP ME!!!  Waaaaait what did I volunteer for?  Wait DID I? Volunteer?! Waaaaaas I drinking at the time?!?
So what I have in mind for the plane trip, thanks to a trip to the dollar store...... crayons, coloring books, tape, snacks, stickers (masking tape?! NO ONE said I couldn't tape them to the seat DID THEY!?!? All my daughter Lael said was feed them!!)  I have a portable dvd player and a bunch of DVD's to play with 2 headsets.
I have $$ for drink for Nonnie (will the other passengers frown on me if I have 5?)
Before the flight I plan to RUN THEM RAGGED!!!
So other than a trip to the $$ store for craft fun things........ziplock baggies of food... movies....... anyone have other ideas?  Nooo the pet carrier is NOT a good idea.... I've already thought about... and rejected it... mostly cause I don't know how to bring it up to my daughter.
These little sweet face look calm and relaxed right?!?!?  They will probably sleep the entire flight. Right?! RIGHT!?!? PEOPLE WORK WITH ME HERE!!!!! RIGHT?!?!?!

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