Friday, August 05, 2011


I've decided to unplug tomorrow.  I have an embarrassingly huge stack of unread magazines that need to be read and passed along. I started a book on the plane to Michigan that has 3 chapters left to read, it's time to finish it.
I really should talk to DH with something other than a text or email. I'm talking about an actual face to face conversation.
The front yard needs work (notice I said front yard.... it's too hot to do the backyard.. besides.... the backyard has a really high fence and if you can see the backyard you're trespassing and that's illegal. (And dangerous that yard is a disaster area!)
So bottom line...... I am unplugging tomorrow and getting stuff done!!
I can't believe I was able to type that with a straight font! Let's be serious... I have to check on my peeps... then there is the whole checkin' in on my giveaways (you KNOW I'm addicted to those!).  Not to mention what if Selena or Lael post new pictures of the Grandbabies??!?!  So here's the deal... 7 hours. I'm going to go 6 hours (Yes, during the day.. I'm not counting sleeping time... but NICE catch!) 4 hours unplugged (that doesn't count the blackberry? Right? I mean let's not get crazy!) Why are my palms sweaty already!? I can do 2 hours. PIECE of CAKE!!!
I'll see you in the morning.

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