Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hold please.......

I had a doctors appointment today with a doctor I hadn't seen before. (A specialist even... and noooo it's notta tummma. That was my best Arnie if you didn't get that)
Sooooooo Dr. A walks in the room at the same time his cell phone rings. "You wouldn't mind if I take this would you?" Not that Dr. A waited for response. 
Here is what I learned in the 12 minutes!! Dr A was on the phone, first Dr. A is hard of hearing 'cause that call was LOUD. (Yes the room is small but I shouldn't be able to hear the backGROUND noise on the other end!!) I learned his modem is not working correctly, his hard drive needs expanding and his wife won't be home to let the computer guy in till 4pm. I also learned that the man on the other end charges $100 an hour.  I also learned... well..... nevermind... you get the idea.  I'm still shaking my HEAD?!?!?  WTH!??!?!  This was truly a first for me.  All I can say is "THANK HEAVENS it wasn't my yearly "lady" visit!! 'cause there are some places a cell phone shouldn't go!"

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