Monday, August 15, 2011


Ohhhhh I'm in a BAD MOOD!!!  Somewhere today I picked up a nasty virus.  Now I am reloading Windows and Norton.....gggrrrrrrr.. I was having so much fun blog hopping then BAMB!!! NOW I'M NOT HAVING FUN!!!  It's 1a.m. I'm sleepy... I'm irritated.  Then twice as many kids were outside and in my YARD tonight till almost 11pm.  WHAT is going ON with PARENTS?!?
I'm so grumpy right now.  I just wish those kids would come to the window again.... cause I would run outside and whoop some butts!!  I'm beginning to think these are parents that work nights and the older brother that was out there tonight is about 12 or 13 is in charge. If his happens again I think I need to get the police department involved.  This is not safe for them running around the neighorhood in the dark that late. Someone is gonin' get hurt!!  I can't WAIT to see what they were doing in my yard... it was too dark to see tonight.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Okay Blogger is NOT helping!  I can't read my posts.  So I give up.  I will work on this mess tomorrow.  Tomorrow is going to be A GREAT day!!!  You just watch!!! 


  1. Selena GruningAugust 15, 2011

    Well???? What happened to the yard?

  2. Aww =( Hope today was a better day for you! Following you back via GFC and Twitter (still searching for you on FB) from the hop! Thanks so much for stopping by =)

  3. Hi :)
    Stopping by and following you from your beautiful and sweet comment you left on my blog. Thanks for that :)
    Looking forward to knowing more about you. xx

  4. Sorry about the crazy neighbors and the virus! That really stinks. I hope it won't throw you off of blog hops in the future! I'm now following back on GFC, twitter, and FB. Loving the honesty on your blog! :-) --Christine at Why We Love Green


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