Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BabyT was here!

Today's outing: First to Dana Point for a quick walk on the beach and see some beautiful ships. 

Then on to Mission San Juan Capistrano.

 And then home............ allllllll tuckered out!
I swear BabyT has been more places in her 3 months than the whole 31 years I've lived in California!!
Now for more information about the Tall Ships Festival click on the color picture above with the beautiful ships.  For more information about the 200 year old Mission in Capistrano Beach click any of the black & white photos (Well, except those of BabyT or well... never mind... just click the Mission pictures)


  1. Found you by browsing through my new twitter followers--your blog's name had me hooked, and I simply couldn't NOT stop by. I love your style, both in writing and in photography. And I adore your blog design! Who did it, may I ask?

  2. Thank you so much for the compliment!! The background design is from Cutest Blog on the Block (she has some adorable backgrounds for free! I always start there when I want a new look) The header was done by my VERY talented daughter Lael.
    You have really made my weekend with the compliment! Thank you!!

  3. I think that these lego's really make a great teaching tool for kids as well, and keeps their minds occupied. The next launch in late 2010 is one more fan favourite, the At-At. By drafting out your plan, you can see ways to lay out both images, headlines, and body text.

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