Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Makin' a burp cloth.........

I know!! I know you're thinkin' she can't sew.. AND she's going to try to teach someone?? Don't worry you still won't be able to sew but it may give you a couple of ideas..... I am not a seamstress. I don't have the patience to sew a straight line..... sewing patterns may as well be written in a foreign language for the amount of sense I can make out of 'em. However, I am trying! (Yea... trying to convince myself I can sew. Second trying to convince myself I can sew a GIFT!!) As you know BabyT (oldest daughter Selena's 'bun in the oven') is due in June.  So with time on my hands, material, a sewing machine and pinking shears (you know those zig zag scissors... they are my friend!!) Here is what I did.... on a piece of heavy paper I drew a large hourglass and cut it out for my pattern. (Yes, this is what an hour glass looks like... since I know my children.... I know enought to say Selena and Lael!! stop laughing It IS an hourglass!) It stays on my shoulder and really... isn't that what counts?  (Alright fine then, let's just pretend that is the point shall we!?! Thank you!) 
I used my trusty rotary cutter and cut 2 pieces of super soft fleece material. 
Next sew a tight zig zag all the way around.  The material doesn't have to be exact.  (Trust me on this it will be okay!)
After the burp cloth is sewn all the way around follow the edge with your pinking shears. (These are my best friend!) I trimmed close to the stitching (MAN!! that baby fleece gets everywhere!! So if your giving it as a gift ya may wanna use the lint roller on the clothes before wrapping!)   
I made 3 burp clothes in an hour and half.  They are fast and if you pick the right material no one will look at the stitching!! HA!! I'm soooo smart!!

Also I had to keep that last picture cause it says "poop" heee heeeee I'm so funny. It says poop...

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