Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Happy Birthday Selena!!

First and foremost...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my darling daughter Selena!!!  You are my joy and my heart. I love you.  (Hillbillies don't need no stinkin' bearskin rug...) I had to show 1 week old......

Then I had to help my other daughter Lael get to the airport with my Grandbabies. I HATE the airport!! Okay not so much the airport as just the saying goodbye part at the airport.  I went in preparation of goodbye..... no eye make up.  Smart move on my part!! I miss them already!!  But, they are back in Michigan safe and sound.

My goodie box from Carlee at LadyBirdLn came yesterday.  Look at all the goodies I won in her 100 gift package!! Thank you Carlee! Boy did I need an M&M's fix after that airport run. 

I got ready to post the blog for today.... Then I felt guilty that Zachary's picture wasn't in here........ found a great one of Zac but then needed one of Eli...... then I found a great action shot of Emma... Yup, it's gonna be a sad week. I miss them all ready!!

How could ya not?? Look at those faces!
I think it's time to get a new photobook made! 

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