Monday, February 28, 2011

I'd like to buy a clue!

Sewing is NOT like riding a bike!!  It doesn't just magically 'come back' how to whip stuff up. (at least it isn't for me!)  But, being on house arrest since DH got all dramatic with his heart... I got it in my head I will start sewing again. (I think I use to enjoy it)  I use to be really creative, I think I even made some cute things. Soooo... I pick the perfect babyshower gift to make. 
Today, I'm ready to get this party started!
Material pieces cut out.
Markings marked.
Read step one.... ummm humm... read step one again....
read again.... (look in envelope is there a page missing?)
Picked up material, turned it in my hands a few times ... read instructions for step one again...
Went and made lunch.
Cleaned glasses. 
Had another cup of coffee.
Sat at machine again. Read about step one again.  Verified I HAVE the correct piece associated with step one.  I can read the words... I have NO IDEA what they want me to do!!!  Screaming "DO WHAT!??!" to the instructions over and over irritates the dog and worries DH, both who know I'm alone in my craft room. 
Great now I have an audience in the hallway witnessing the insanity.... that was sooooo NOT helping.
Turned off light and started dinner instead.
Tomorrow I'm digging out a quick and easy 1 hour pattern.  Maybe, it will all magically come back to me..... maybe I'll remember I hated to sew? Or maybe everything will just magically click in my head.  If not.... I'm wrapping the cut pieces, fancy instructions and a stapler with a cute little bow and making this baby gift a 'do it yourself gift' Maybe they can read step one and make it make sense!!!

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