Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tea party

I have the SMARTEST Granddaughter ever!! She is BRILLIANT!!!!  For Christmas I bought matching 'tea' sets for Emma and I.  Today we had our first "Skype Tea Party"  Emma's little face lit up when Nonnie had the same set!   Emma (who is ONLY 2!!) instinctively knew how to have 'tea party' stirring in sugar then milk, sipping from the cup and looking up at Nonnie on the big screen to make sure I was having tea too.  If I can't have a real face to face tea party I am thankful for Skype!!
One of my favorite parts of this Skype visit was Emma having a temper tantrum.  Emma's temper tantrum is to lay down on the floor.  That's it.  No noise.  No crying.  No kicking.  Just lay there.  I offered to 'educate' Emma in a REAL tantrum and I felt like I was in a Chef-boyardee commercial the way my daughter Lael and son-in-law Ray reacted.  LOL I like to be helpful!!  WAIT!! Do you think that's why they live in Michigan?!??!?!  HEY NOW!!!!

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