Sunday, January 09, 2011

Facebook FUNNY!

When I say the nuts don't fall far from the tree I mean they REALLY don't fall far!!
This is a cut and paste from Facebook between my children........

My daughter Lael posted :
Emma proudly pulled Eli ALL of the way to the mail box, and then half way back. That's my girl!!

To which my son Zachary replied with:
Half way back? You should probably go get him, it looks cold and he is just a

Then my other daughter Selena posted: BIG NEWS: June 19th (or thereabouts) this little bugger will escape my wretched womb. Little Baby Surprise! We don't know the sex yet but stay posted. This photo is from week 8 and we are currently at week 16. 

To which Zachary replied with:
Keep it away from the dingos

Now I have to copy and paste other comments from Selena's big news because we have the GREATEST, FUNNIEST friends and family anyone could ever ask for!

HeatherS: Have you narrowed down who the father is?
HeatherA: Lol Heather! I was going to ask the same thing about the mother...
Dan: Who's the bastard who did this to you? I will freakin kill him.
Jeff: That kid will need some serious therapy by the time it goes home from the hospital... Love ya Svetlana!
Lea: awwwwwwww!!! Can I have it!!
Connie: This just goes to show... if you nag long enough your kids WILL do what you say.

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