Monday, December 27, 2010

6 minutes at the movies!

This clip makes me realize that I didNOT see near enough movies this year!!
If you've been busy leading a regular life and haven't seen 270 movies this year, don't sweat it, because in this YouTube age, six-minute long mashups of hundreds of flicks are at your disposal. Thanks to G-Whiz Productions, we can live through a full year of filmmaking, including Oscar contenders, box-office titans and forgotten flops, in the span of a few songs. Like taking a short walk down memory lane, hundreds of movies are cut and edited into one tight video in crisp fashion. If anyone can name each movie, that person deserves a pat on the back. But for anyone who didn't lock themselves in a room with a DVD player all year, here's the list of included films in order of appearance. Watch the remix below:

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