Tuesday, November 09, 2010

SEMA Las Vegas

SEMA is the largest automotive show in the world. It's HUGE!! My son Zac was there with his old school bobbers. These are pictures from his booth. Kikker Hardknock old school bobbers. Be prepared to want one!

Okay okay ....now go back and look at the BIKES!!! 
AND if you watch the video about 2 minutes in is another shot of my son's bike.

So.... now go order one!  Okay fine... look at the hot girls one more time THEN go order a bike! 

Sema Show 2010 Revhart Videos from Revhart Videos on Vimeo.

Hellloooooo stop looking at the hot girls....... go to http://californiahardknock.com/Home.html and customize your own. Nooo the hot girls don't come with the bike... I mean... at least I don't think they do... Zac??

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