Saturday, November 13, 2010

California freeways

I swear people.......... it's not the 16th century.... they've proven the earth is NOT flat!!  You won't fall off the edge...... and the FREEWAY has curves people...... the freeway does NOT take sharp 90 degree turns on a 65 mile an hour freeway!  YOU don't have to SLOW DOWN TO TAKE the CURVE!!!!! 
curve doesn't warrant you turning on YOUR TURN SIGNAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's a CURVE on a FOUR lane FREEWAY!!
I already know where you are going!!! 

While I'm yelling...... they are NOT steep hills people!!! YOU CAN see over the hill you don't have to slow DOWN!!   The earth doesn't just END!!

Okay...okay... I'm calming down.... I won't start in on the 50 mile an hour drivers in the FRIGGIN' FAST LANE.......... breathing in .... going to my happy place... I'm home... I'm relaxing.... breathing in.... breathing deep...  screw it... where's the WINE!! 

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