Saturday, October 23, 2010

Eli wins... not Nonnie

I'm home safe and sound from Michigan.  Exhausted (note to self: Next trip take a day OFF between the trip and going to work!!  ESPECIALLY if you change time zones!!!!) 
Thursday afternoon, I'm ready to leave for the airport, bags packed and by the door. We are saying our goodbye's, Lael made a comment that the little man smelled stinky. I offered to change him one last time..... course diaper time takes awhile because I am required as Grandma Nonnie to go thru the whole blowing on the belly....... smell the little feet.... kiss the cheeks..... kiss the neck... anyway all done with the changing and I did my happy dance with song.  "Ha ha Nonnie wins! No pee'in on Nonnie HA ha ha!! Nonnie wins, Eli loses!!"  Back in to the living room Ray is coming down the stairs saying it's time to go, Lael says one more picture of Nonnie and the babies........ the 3 of us settle in on the couch, Eli turns and gives me a BIG toothy grin, adds a little laugh and proceeds to vomit all over the front of Nonnie as Ray says "K we gotta go NOW!" 
Ummmmmmmmm hummmmmmmmm little s*@# DID get the last word!!!  He is SOOOOOOOOO my Grandson!!!!! 

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