Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekly update

I've decided that Sundays are going to be my picture updates for the room addition.  Unless I come home from work and something really needs to be shared I'll just update once a week.  But for now here are today's pictures.
Soooo 'member how I said "this contractor sure likes to dig holes??' Well, they are still at it!  The hole in the front yard is wider and deeper.  The holes on the side of the house is longer and deeper.  AND NOW we have a hole leading to the attic!!   So to sum up the addition so far.... I have piles of dirt and holes everywhere outside. I also have an incredible amount of dirt inside!!  I am amazed at how much dirt has managed to wind up on my floors and all over my furniture!  It's a loosing battle to keep this place clean.  I hope my Mom has new rubber gloves and a good scrub brush cause she'll be cleaning and scrubbing for a LONG time when she moves in!! 

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