Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Geshhhh not THAT long!!!

Being a parent is continually hard work, even after the kids move away from home. For instance...... actually getting a chance to TALK to my kids is getting harder and harder!! Either on the phone or in person.  Occasionally I am forced to leave messages on the cell phones.  FOR WHICH I GET A RATION of CRAP about!!  Selena just erases my message and calls with "what's up?"  did you listen to my message?  "No what do you need" ......... hummmmm Zac picks up and pretends to listen (a trick he learned from me when DH talks about politics!) occasionally Zac adds an "OH" like he has really been listening ....... I'm a mom... I know when they're faking it!! Weeeeelllllll the topper is Lael who sooo much doesn't want a long drawn out message that she turns the FAX machine ON!!!  COME ON GUYS!!!  I just want to tell you a few things..... like......  I love you,  I miss you, Gracie's 4th birthday is coming up and I'm thinking of throwing her a surprise party.  SEE???  That's not a bad message.  Quick to the point.  It's not like I fill the entire message box. That would be mean.  I'm a good mommy I could never be mean! Now you'll have to excuse me I'm off to bake a cake and maybe whip up a batch of homemade ice cream. 

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  1. Dear interested public,

    This woman is lying. Her idea of a brief message extends for the alloted voice mail systems length of time. All of it - not just her alloted time but my monthly allowance of message time.. It's filled with ramblings some of which are the result of her thinking she ended the call, some not. Do not feel sorry for her, feel sorry for me, for my wee baby brother and my wee baby sister. We are the victims.


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