Saturday, July 31, 2010

At least now I KNOW tooo

Yes, I know I am gullible (is that the word I want? or is it naive.... hummm). Either way, DH tells me I'm both (And I have been for a long time too!) but did you know that there are sex blogs??  I had no IDEA!!!!  Okay did ya'all here that noise?  That was my 3 children gasping all in unison "OHMYGOD MOTHER".  Don't worry..... I am not going to start blogging about sex.  (ahhhh did you hear that sigh?  That was louder than the gasp!) I would NEVER blog about sex!! on this site at least.  Ohhhh man!!!  I may have just lost 3 loyal readers.  My poor children. Tormenting them is one of my greatest joys!! 
I just thought that I should keep you up todate with the things I find on the internet.  (ohhh ya'll DID know... well...... okay then never mind)

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