Friday, May 21, 2010

ouch ouch ouch!!!!!!!

I'd like to tell my family............. NO MORE moving!  2 and a half days I'm beat!!!!!!  I hurt so bad I can hardly MOVE!!!  Now... on the flip side!!?!?  I find it hysterical that my darling wonderful son, you know the one... yes, Zachary!! Yes, that same son that gives me a ration of #*&*#$ for my shoe collection, quite possible has 3 pairs for my one!!!!!!!  I also find it just as funny that while growing up Zac would tell me he would never have as much stuff as me... never as many pictures on the walls... blah blah blah.... ummmm hummmm, Zachary I lost track of the number of packed trailer trips that were made to that cute new house. Those are the only 2 things I can find funny cause I just hurt too much!  (BTW why does boy furniture and toys weigh so much more than girls stuff?)
Soooo Gruning Family........ no more moving. Stay in your cute little houses please.  This includes extended family like Dan and GG.  This doesNOT however, apply to Lael and family!!)  
I'm sure my children all remember the cute little plaque in the dining room that reads
"If Momma ain't happy ain't NOBODY happy."  So my darling Zachary unpack.... kick back.... raise some kids..... grow some fresh fruit........ BUT STAY where YOU ARE!!!!!!!  please?! 

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