Saturday, May 08, 2010

OH COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk about poking a bear with a stick!!  Really!!  I want to know HOW OLD are the people in the advertising department at Sunset Magazine!?!??!  12!?!?!?!  My question to Sunset Magazine you really want to poke this 51 year old menopausal woman that has been having a million hot flashes a day?!?!?  DO YA!?!??!?!  REALLY!?!?!?  Like this?!?!?!?  REALLY!??!  I know you are asking yourself WHAT in the world did Sunset Magazine do to this wonderful sweet YOUNG and vital woman?!?!   WELLLLLLLLLL..............THEY SENT ME THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Okay you can stop laughing now!

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