Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Doin' time!

Yes, that is me in a holding cell. Yes, I do look sad.  My daughter Selena took the picture and sent text messages with these pictures to her sister and brother, swearing them to secrecy stating "you will NEVER guess where I just picked up OUR MOTHER Connie Gruning! Yes! FROM JAIL!! She was picked up for texting and speeding thru a construction zone! I just dropped her back off at her car!"

So first let's do a quick recap..... my 3 perfect children are: 
Selena - works for Escondido Police Department
Lael - Mother of my 2 AMAZING Grandchildren Emma & Eli (living in Michigan)
Zachary - authorized dealer for Kikker Hardknock Custom Bobbers AND ALWAYS able to pull one over on me.  I am so gullible when Zac tells me things. Zac is a GREAT prankster!  But it's MY TURN now!!

Escondido has a brand new Police/Fire building.  So new move in day is next week.  But there was a family day where officers could bring their families for a tour.  I was SO GIDDY with excitement I couldn't wait! 

Evil Mothering Lesson # 1

Evil yes.... but FUNNY!!! (Just ask ME! I'll tell you so!)  I convinced Selena to help me with my prank. Text and pictures sent.  Mom's cell phone off. (Mom's cell phone is NEVER ever off!) Then updated the blog as having a bad weekend.  : )  (MAN! I thought of everything!!)
Lael and I talk on the phone on my way to work most mornings, she kept asking what was wrong.  She had read the blog and noticed I had a bad weekend.  SUCH a good daughter!!! Lael DidNOT even hint that she knew!! 
Zachary on the other hand couldn't contain himself. He did last a whole 2 days before he 'cracked'.  First he called me after I had sent a text opened with "Sorry Mom, I couldn't answer your text because I was driving and I don't want to get arrested for texting"  Ummmm I let that one slip.  A few more minutes of conversation and Zac says 'so Mom did you do anything new this weekend? Go anywhere new?  Some place you wouldn't want to go again?"  ..... silence.... "Mom??  You there?" 
Me: "Did Selena tell you?" 
"Tell me what Mommy?"  I can hear the ear to ear grin in his voice.
Me: "SHE DID!! and you are enjoying this aren't you" 
"AND pictures! MOM! I never thought I would have pictures of my MOM in jail"   "Ohhh Zachary you still don't!"  I then got to let him on the joke.  HA!!!!!!!!!!  Except Zac's response was ohhhhh GAME ON!!! WAIT!!!  NOOOOOOOOO!!!!  You always get to pull one over on me!  This was my TURN!!!  No game on!  No GAME ON!!!! 

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