Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ahhhhhhh babbbby!!!

Dr. Louie's baby shower was this afternoon. So many cute cute CUTE things!! I wish they would have had even half of the things that are available now when my kids were little!! That's the other thing! When your children are all in their 30's (okay maybe one still has a few months to go... but it's close enough) you really do forget how tiny newborn babies are! The tiny clothes that you think are so tiny are actually going to be too big for that newborn! (I was only reminded of this because when I sent out tiny clothes for Eli and my daughter Lael said they were too big. But they were soooo tiny!!! Oh well, I guess it's good we forget some how many cute clothes never got worn because by the time I remembered the outfit SOMEONE had already out grown it!! It's also really good you don't remember much of the birth and those first months after the babies arrive.... other wise no one would ever have that second child!!

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