Friday, February 19, 2010

Not THAT button!!

AHHHHH MAN!!!!!!!!!! I am in serious need of a re-wind button in my life! This whole week has been a lot of AHHHHH MAN!!! Why did I do that?!?! Today was NO different!! First I hit the snooze button this morning (Ummmm not really snooze so much as it was the OFF button!!) Left my phone on in the Doctor's office (working for a doctor... I know that is a HUGE no NO!) so my phone was screaming HELP HELP HELP!!! for a LONG time! (I crack me up with ring tones!!) I ate almost non stop today. I ate only the GOOD stuff too... ya know... Potato chips (that big bag? NOT a single serving size) candy....... again not a single serving size bag! I am still uncomfortably full at 11pm at night!! Now to end my day I just hit the wrong button on my ipod. Deleted all 332 songs! 2 movies and 50 pictures. Yup... rewind PLEASE!!

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