Saturday, December 12, 2009

So it begins…..

So now the challenge of Holiday dieting begins!! Today is the first Christmas/Birthday party to get through and still manage to lose another 3 pounds by the end of the year. In my favor is the fact that everyone I know is aware I’m on a diet for the Half Year Resolution. And not in my favor is that EVERYONE I KNOW is aware I’m on a diet for the Half Year Resolution. I either get the LOOK that says “Can you have that!?” or “So how’s the diet going?!” So I will try and set a good example tonight. BUT if I drop my napkin under the table tonight it is NOT POLITE to follow me!! I’ll be back up at the table in a moment and just because I have crumbs on my chin doesn’t mean I was cheating!!!

If you haven’t had a chance I’m hoping you will take a few moments and go vote for me! (Me as in Connie!) Thank you!! THANK YOU!!!!

Oh and Happy Birthday LEE!!!! You’re HOW OLD?!?!?

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