Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sheer Craziness!!

WOWOWOW!! I went to Kohl’s after work tonight shopping for a pair of jeans. (Now my disclaimer here is the jeans I tried on had stretch to them but STILL!!) I HAD MY BUTT IN A SIZE 4! That is a FOUR! The last time I have EVER been in a size FOUR there was a T following the 4! A FOUR!!! A SIZE FOUR pair of UGLY jeans. Which is one of the reasons they didn’t come home with me. The other reason is I would have left that sticker down the thigh that said 4 on the pants…. and really!? I’m obnoxious enough without the sticker. A FOUR?!!? I even went out and picked up 2 other colors convinced that the jeans were marked wrong. They weren’t! I could zip them up and STILL BREATHE!!! Just to be able to say I own a size FOUR pair of jeans I may have to go back tomorrow. Ugly or not a FOUR is a FOUR!! A FOUR!? I am still amazed. A FOUR?! WOW!!

Now it’s the VOTE for ME!! plea. Click on the link below. The voting box is up on the right hand side. Do I have to remind you the name? It’s Connie… Me ….. (you know …. that girl in a size FOUR PAIR of jeans?!?!?!) Did I mention I could even SIT DOWN IN THEM!?!? Okay sorry… I’ve never been in a four before! I’m a little A LOT amazed and shocked!


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