Monday, December 28, 2009

Bad DAY!!

I don’t know about you but I am SOOO glad today is OVER!!! The whole day was just …. well… I think the picture says it all!! Yup! That pretty much sums it up!! Starting with exercise! My morning walk with Kaki kicked my tush!! I swear that hill got steeper over night!! Then the whole getting back into your day to day routine after you’ve had time off. UGH!! Even eating!!! Several days of eating too much food, (some NOT the best choices!) then try to go all day without munching?? THAT’s hard!! I guess I should be thankful I was at work where there isn’t a lot of available food to munch on. OHHH LOOK!!! Did you see that?!?! I found a silver lining!!! On that note……. See ya tomorrow! you know… the voting site… in case you haven’t…… you know……. voted. For me!

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