Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Week 19

Here is my weekly update. I am down another TWO POUNDS!!!! 6.5 pounds to go till I am at my goal. I’ve worn straight skirts all week, even wore my skinny jeans today!!!! Okay sorry, got side tracked…. I walked with Kaki. Weighted vest is at it’s max weight of 30 pounds (After 2 miles it’s HEAVY… ohhh who am I kidding?! It’s heavy just getting it up off the floor!!) I did ab work. I watched what I ate (AND still haven’t gotten my McRib! But I will!!) I haven’t had any fruit at night, that really has made a big difference! (seriously! I had no idea that would work!!) My daughter Selena bought me the best snack!! Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Bliss bars. They are just one point. They are SO GOOD!! It’s really helped with my candy fix. I’m Reese’s Peanut butter cups junkie. (Do you see a peanut butter obsession here??) For this up coming week I dug out the jump rope, I’m hoping to add it to my routine a couple of times a week. (But remember the whole stupid Hula Hoop fiasco… so I’m not going to promise anything!) Anyway….. 23.5 pounds gone!! YEA ME!! I’m so close to my goal it alMOST makes it easier not to cheat!!!

One final note for the day. Happy Veterans Day to all our Military!! With a very special thank you to my 2 favorite Sailors Selena & Lael.

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