Monday, October 12, 2009

It’s not what you think!

No matter what DH tells you I’m not doing it on purpose!! I did not make the old lap top a paper weight so I could have a shiny, new, perfect (very fast) laptop. Just like I did not break the car to get a new one….. If I was doing that I would have broken the cell phone not the car!!! I love my little car!! Okay it’s not broken exactly…. (I HOPE!! Please keep your fingers crossed!) so much as the check engine light came on during my drive home…. so tomorrow morning at 8am I’ll be sitting at the Audi dealership. Which means I won’t be walking with Kaki in the morning. I’m tellin’ ya I’m having a very hard time staying motivated lately!! I would rather just go hide under the covers. BUT before I go…..remember….. DH is wrong!!! It’s not on purpose!! HONEST!!

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