Thursday, September 24, 2009

Week 12

Okay, here is the weekly blah blah blah update! I lost one pound for the week. Which puts my weight-loss at minus 16!! Only (ha ha ha! I made a funny I used ONLY) 14 pounds to go!! WOOOO HOOOO!! I walked with Kaki all week. Added another half pound weight to the weight vest. Played the wii (ya’all remember the whining about the sore achey muscles….) I even made good food choices all week…. even on my cheat day (Wednesdays after I weigh in!) I didn’t MEAN to make good food choices today but DH RH (ROTTEN husband as he shall now be called!) took me to breakfast…….. I was looking forward to my ‘usual’ eggs, bacon, hashbrowns. UMMMMMM. DH sorry RH says “I thought you were going to cut out all the potatoes. I’m ordering fresh fruit instead of hashbrowns myself” UGH!! ARE YA KIDDIN’ me?!?!? Bacon & eggs without hashbrowns is just not natural!! But OKAY! FINE!! I order fresh fruit(ewww if only you could only hear the sarcasm dripping from those 2 words! NOT to mention the FACE I’m making!!) So the order arrives…. eggs, english muffin, fresh fruit. I’m staring at the plate confused cause the whole fruit thing has thrown the balance of the entire plate off…. it looks ODD. It looks empty and?? RH says “what’s wrong?” “What’s wrong is ….HEY!! Wait!! There’s no BACON!” RH: “You didn’t order bacon. I thought that was odd but I thought you decided to be extra good” HELLO!??! DO you NOT UNDERSTAND the whole concept of A CHEAT DAY!?!?!?!?!? Sooooo I ate healthy alllll week. (BUT NOT on purpose!!)

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