Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Week 10! Can you believe it!?!?!

I am so excited to report -2 pounds this week! So that makes 15 pounds GONE BABY GONE!! As of today I am half way to my goal. Hot diggity! YEA MEEE!!! Ohhhh hold the phone…. I think I better count how many weeks I have left for the Half Year Resolution!! (I crack myself up!!! I was GOING to say ’cause I may have to step it up a little in weight-loss…….. yea…….. we all know I don’t have that much willpower!!! So nevermind) Okay here comes the blah blah part. I walked with my weighted vest every weekday morning. I even added another 5 pounds to the weighted vest. I used the wii fit on the weekends. Did the Jillian Michaels DVD 1 time. I’ve made really good food choices this week. If this week was on a report card I would get an A++.

All that said I have some major challenges coming up! This weekend is The bosses’s birthday party. Pizza and bowling. I love pizza. I put pizza right up there with M&M’s and peanut butter (added the M&M’s just for Dr. Louie). Then the end of the month I have a Las Vegas trip. Ohhh I think I better check how many weeks I have left with the Challenge!! Cause that will for sure tell me how much I can cheat this weekend and at the end of the month. (wait…. that’s VERY wrong! I should NOT do that….shhhh don’t tell cause I’m doing it anyway…. but at least I KNOW it’s wrong!)

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