Sunday, September 06, 2009

Umm hummm

Well, I think I’ve pretty much established the fact that I have NO will power at all! I just went to the kitchen for a scoop of peanut butter…… my dear sweet (and in SO VERY MUCH trouble) husband has hidden the peanut butter….. from ME!! A grown woman …….. not kids (remember they are all grown and on their own)……. but from ME!! I spent 20 minutes looking for that dang jar! I even checked in the oatmeal box!!! I settled for a frozen Yoplait Whip but it’s just not the same! Now? Now I want peanut butter more than when I went in there in the first place!!! Someone is in BIG BIG trouble when he wakes up!! (And all the searching? I’m counting that as exercise!)

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