Saturday, August 01, 2009

Decisions… decisions….

What to confess blog about today? That I cleaned house and sweated up a storm? Ohhh good job!! That I ate grilled chicken and only a small amount of potato salad? Great JOB me!! Or that I had 2 pieces of carrot cake? Nooooo I should leave out. I’ll leave out the potato chips and french onion dip too.

People are going to start thinking we have big family BBQ’s every weekend! But our daughter and her husband and MY perfect Granddaughter Emma are in town for a couple of days. Emma is the sweetest baby on the face of the earth!! SO GOOD natured! I think she was out of my arms for 9 minutes total. Anyone who has held a baby that wants down knows what a work out I had! So see?? I worked off those chips and dip. The carrot cake… well … I may have to actually do some real exercising to burn off.

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