Sunday, July 19, 2009

What wagon??

DH and I went out to breakfast this morning. Yes, I did fall off the wagon. I had bacon! I had hash browns! I had toast!! I only had one piece of toast instead of 2. (baby steps!) It was SO GOOD!! Course DH made me look bad by having a mushroom omelet and asking to substitute his hash browns for peaches. (What a show off!) AND while I’m complaining about DH why why WHY is it when men say “Oh I’m going to loose a couple of pounds” it comes off in 5 and 10 pound chunks without much work??! WHY?!?!? WHY!??!? YES I KNOW I’m yelling! If you could see me I’m stamping my foot too!

I did make up for the bacon and hash browns with a fresh fruit salad with yogurt for dinner. Not to mention tons of water. No activity today unless you want to count cleaning the fish tank. It was a great Sunday for relaxing but not really great for weight loss.

I wonder if I can feed DH chocolate while he is sleeping and not get caught? WAIT! MAYBE that’s why my weight loss is slow?? Maybe DH is feeding ME?!?!

Is anyone buying that? No? Well, it was worth a shot.

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