Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wanna loose weight?

Just start a blog. Seriously!! Your friends read the blog…. then give you THE LOOK when you reach for something that you really shouldn’t. Your co-workers say “are you going to blog that?” The lady at the drug store that is staring at you while your in the candy aisle …is it because your hair is standing straight up? OR because you look like that girl on the Channel 10 Half Year resolution page? Hummmmm (okay so it was my hair. I drove with the convertible top down and well….. it was a unique look for me)

Tyler from WellStrong Fitness and I had our conference call today. He thinks I’m doing great. I’m continuing on my less carbs more protein food plan. I am sticking with the same exercises. Tyler did give me a great idea for going out to dinner. Plan ahead! Salad. No bread basket. When the entre’ arrives cut it in half! (HEY!! Look…. lunch for tomorrow is already made!) He suggested trying the sugar free chocolate and hard candies…. I’ll let you know about that one. If it tastes REALLY bad Tyler will hear about it first!

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